We all love music and nowadays there is no shortage of ways of listen to your favorite. We have come a long way from having to carry those gigantic players that would fit on your belt. So today it’s not the shortage that’s the problem, but the abundance.

We are looking at the best apps to stream music. What are we looking for? Preferably, the app should be available in iOS and Android, allow you to add your favorite songs to playlists and be able to give good recommendations.

  1. Spotify

By far the most popular streaming app. Spotify has to be on the top, it was one of the original music streaming apps, it’s available on any platform and it’s available for free, if you don’t mind an occasional ad.

Spotify gets so much love for a reason. It does exactly what you expect and more including playlist sharing, family plans, even videos and podcasts.


  1. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio was launched almost 10 years ago and has been growing ever since. It works differently from Spotify. Here you choose stations of your favorite genres, and iHeartRadio builds a playlist for you. At first the service was totally free, and it is now. But to get additional features, like offline listening, song replay, saving songs to playlists you will have to upgrade. iHeartRadio is amazing for music discovery and luckily, it’s available on iOS, Android and wearables as well (Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, etc.)

  1. Apple Music

Apple has revolutionized the way we listen to music when they introduced iPods. That’s undeniable.  But when it comes to music streaming, boy oh boy, they were late to the party. Launched in 2015, Apple Music service eventually picked up some momentum.

While they do not have a free option, their pricing plans are quite flexible ($5 for students, $10 single-license and $15 for families.). Naturally, with Apple Music it’s not a standalone service that you get but the whole range of Apple’s services including music creation, iTunes and more.

  1. Google Play Music

Another Colossus, Google, was also late to come into music streaming, but with the resources they have their success is almost guaranteed. Google Play Music allows you to listen to 50,000 songs for free while their paid plans boost the number to 35 million songs. Plus, you can make your own playlists, you get a Youtube Red subscription, etc.

As a streaming app, Google Play Music has still some way for improvement but with a recent revamp of the platform, it’s certainly one of the best out there.

  1. Pandora

Lastly, an honorable mention. Pandora – a music box that you don’t have to worry about opening. While it’s a great service overall, boasting free streaming possibilities, free and even $4.99 subscribers can only listen to radio-style playlists. Although, with a free account you have a limited amount of song skips per day.

While we consider these to be the top options to stream music on your mobile or desktop, there are tons of other options. Don’t be afraid to explore. Try out the ones on our list or go beyond. Music is a wonderful thing and everyone should have an easy access to it.