With summer coming soon, the festival season is about to kick off. If you like music and have some free time in the summer, you may be looking to getaway for a couple of days, spend some time in the outdoors and listen to your favorite bands.

Today we are looking at the best European music festivals that are unmatched in popularity, whether rain or shine.


Let’s begin our journey through the music festivals in Scandinavia. Roskilde Music Festival is one of the oldest and biggest annual festivals in Europe that started in 1971. It is held on the island of Roskilde, Denmark.

Every year Roskilde attracts over 160,000 music fans and volunteers to visit the four-day festival. Roskilde is held in the end of June-beginning of July.

Rock am Ring

Moving south we go to Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. These are two popular German festivals that are held at the same time. Rock am Ring is held on an old airbase in Mendig, while Rock am Ring is held in Nuremberg. Both festivals run for three days,

The festival dates back to 1985 and with around 150,000 visitors is among the most popular music festivals in Europe.  The festival has seen such music legends as Metallica, The Prodigy, Linkin Park and Coldplay.


Next to the Germany’s Rock am Ring, there is a different but just as good music festival for electronic music fans, Belgium’s Tomorrowland. Compared to Roskilde or Rock am Ring, Tomorrowland is still quite new as it was first held in 2005. The difference is that Tomorrowland is an international event with editions in Brazil (April), USA (September) and Belgium (July).

Despite being quite young, in a few years Tomorrowland has beaten the old-timers in attendance. For its ten-year anniversary, over 350,000 people came to the festival. So, if you’re up for some Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta or Paul Van Dyk, this three-day electronic festival is right for you.


How can we not mention Glastonbury. This is a five-day music festival that was started in 1970 in UK and still is one of the most popular festivals in Europe. In 2016 there were around 130,000 festivalgoers who attended but Glastonbury has seen attendances exceed 170,000. This is a hugely popular event that sells out tickets within the first 24 hours proves that well.

The festival for contemporary arts, as it is officially called, is held annually around last weeks of June. Throughout the decades, the festival has witnessed performances from the likes of David Bowie, Radiohead and the Chemicals Brothers.

Of course, these are just a few of the best European music festivals to attend this summer. There are many other scattered from the Balkans to Portugal and the Baltic States. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy from April to the end of September. Which ones are you visiting this year?